Greece has always been a nation of seafarers, and with its hundreds of islands and thousands of kilometers of coastline, the sea was always an important part in the life and history of the country. A vast network of ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans links the Greek mainland and islands.

Piraeus Central Port

This is the largest, busiest and most important port in Greece. It is the gate to Argo-Saronic islands, Northeast Aegean islands, Dodecanese, Cyclades, and Crete. The Southeast side of the port docks the International ferries and Cruise ships next to the Passengers Terminal and the Customs office. Each of the many competing shipping companies has agents at the quayside, where you can  book and buy your tickets.


It is situated at the east of central port and is also known as “Limin Zeas”. In the ancient years was one of Themistokle’s major naval ports, with dry docks for 196 triremes. It took its name in 18th century when it was used to harbour the Ottoman fleet. Today it is filled with luxurious yachts and surrounded with countless café and bars.

Marina Zeas

At the most south point of Pasalimani Marina Zeas is a jetty used as a dock for hydrofoils to the Argo-Saronic islands and to the Peloponnesian coasts. At the quayside there are some nice café and the Hellenic Maritime Museum.


Mikrolimano (little harbor), is one kilometer from Pasalimani, close to Neo Faliro sports center.  This picturesque little harbor houses many colorful fishing boats. It is popular for its waterside fish restaurants and has a more relaxing ambience than the larger harbors. Latest years many clubs and bars where located at the east side of Tourkolimano attracting young people from all parts of Athens.


On the coastal road between Pasalimani and Mikrolimano, smart bars and clubs inhabit the renovated New-Classical mansions of Kastella, which is Piraeus’ most fashionable neighborhood. “Votsalakia”, the organized public beach of Piraeus is also located here, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a swim at peaceful waters of Saronic golf.   At the other side along the coastal road connecting Marina Zeas with Piraeus Central Port the “gourmet’ s paradise” has a name: Piraiki. Numerous taverns located here offering a magnificent view of the sea and serving a great variety of fresh fish.