Punctual to our posts, we would like to share our most recent news with you, regarding our renovation’s project, that’s been running for the past few months. We are much excited due to the fact that the façade of our hotel is νος ready. We hope this will be appreciated as a pleasant change at the Iroon Polytechniou str. In Piraeus. The large windows allow the natural sunlight to enter the reception area, creating a warm atmosphere during the day, while they represent our invitation to join us for a drink or try the unique flavors of our menu. Right outside, we have placed stools and tall tables, so that you can also enjoy a drink outdoors. This area is yet to be completed in a few days with the addition of mexil furniture, and will be able to host up to twenty guests! The evening lighting is ideal, as it creates a beautiful environment so that you will have a pleasant evening enjoying your drink, a snack, deserts or food. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon, and receive your feedback!