Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

Charilaou Trikoupi 31, Opening Hrs: Daily 08.00-14.30, Closed: Monday, main public holidays This museum is home to some stunning bronzes. Found by workmen in 1959, these large stakes of Artemis with her quiver, Athena with her helmet decorated with owls, and Apollo reveal the great expressiveness of Greek sculpture. The Piraeus Kouros of Apollo, dating from 520 B.C. is the earliest full-size bronze to be discovered. There is also a seated cult statue of the earth goddess Cybele and a fine collection of Greek and Roman statues and grave stelae. Near the museum are the remains of the 2nd century B.C. Theatre of Zea, which also include a well-preserved orchestra.

Hellenic Maritime Museum

Akti Themistokleous – Freatyda, Open. Hrs: Daily 09.00-14.00    Saturday 09.00-13.00, Closed: Monday, Sunday, public holidays On the quayside of Marina Zeas, an old submarine marks the entrance to this fascinating museum. Its first floor is build around an original section of Themistokle’s Long Walls. More than 2.000 exhibits, such as models of triremes, ephemera from naval battleships and paintings of Greek trechantiri (fishing boats), explore the world of Greek seafaring. From early voyages around the Black Sea by trireme, to 20th-century emigration to the New World by transatlantic liner, the museum unravels the complexities of Greek maritime history. Exhibits include models of ships, maps, flags, uniforms, and pictures.

Municipal Theatre

Agiou Konstantinou 2 The New-Classical façade of this imposing building is one of the delights of Piraeus. Designed by Ioannis Lazirimos (1849-1913), who based his plans on the Opera Comique in Paris, it has seating of 800, making it one of the largest modern theatres in Greece. It took nearly ten years to complete and was finally inaugurated in 1895. Today, it is the home of both the Municipal Art Gallery and also the Panos Aravantinos Museum of Stage Décor. The Museum of Stage Décor has displays of set designs by the stage designer Panos Aravantinos who worked with the Berlin Opera in the 1920’ s.