Good Afternoon from the beautiful Piraeus and our hotel! After a challenging year for all of us, full of life changes, we decided to upgrade the Savoy Hotel with small and large changes in our property as well as our services in accordance to the modern needs and trends, which we would like to present to you. Firstly, we have upgraded the menu in our café and our bar, so as to offer our guests new flavors and variety of drinks and beverages. We introduced internationally recognized brands in coffee and beverages, such as:
  • ‘illy’ coffee, a unique blend of excellent quality 100% Arabica, for a pleasant wake-up in the morning and a break throughout the day.
  • Hot and cold chocolate drinks with various flavors, with the professionalism of Monbana, a collection created by the top chocolate connoisseurs, who, starting in France in 1883, have been recognized as one of the leading companies in the field.
  • Our collection of beers has also grown, and now consists of the following: Heineken, Amstel, Peroni, Paulaner. We also included the Greek beer Mammos, which satisfies the most demanding lovers of the genre.
Furthermore, the service hours have been extended regarding the food departments (F&B), so as to satisfy all our guests’ needs. Specifically:
  • Breakfast is now served from 06:30 until 10:00 in the morning
  • The café-bar is open from 10:00 until 23:00
  • The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner from 12:00 noon to 22:00 at night without interruption.
Finally, within the next few days, tables will be placed in a specially designed outdoor area of the Hotel, so that you can be served there as well! We are very excited about the above renewal, and look forward to receiving your feedback. Soon, more news from the Savoy Hotel in Piraeus!   Stay tuned!