The temperature in Attika has become red, as well as our own rhythms! The reason? Our priority at Savoy Hotel is the comfort and safety of our guests, and for this reason, the upgrade of our facilities continues very quickly. The A and Z in a comfortable hotel stay, is a good night’s sleep. Thus, the process of replacing the mattresses and pillows of the beds, as well as sheets and general bedding has begun. Hence, we invite you to try a new sleeping experience, which we believe will satisfy the biggest fans of sleeping! The new mattresses are Advance Touch & Advance Live by Media Strom, which, in addition to their ergonomic design with non-stop sleep technology and highly elastic fabrics that provide ideal support and embrace, thanks to the special antimicrobial sanitize treatment ECO-Tech 100,they ensure hygiene and safety. Media Strom is the only company in Greece and one of the 9 companies in the world certified for the entire mattress: The pillows are made of nanofiber and outer fabric of 100% cotton, for the best support of the neck and of course, unique softness and comfort. For even greater safety, we cover both the pillows and the mattresses, with waterproof and washable cases. We look forward to hearing from you based on your experience!